The company was founded in 2014 to develop and implement modern non-invasive diagnostic methods on the Russian market. The key activity is the production and sale of various respiratory tests.

We carry out a large range of scientific research and development together with leading private medical companies and state research institutions. We also produce pharmaceutical products, medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and medical products.

Our products make it possible to reliably and painlessly determine various pathologies in all regions of the Russian Federation.

The isocarb is a resident of the SEZ «Technopolis» Moscow and has a modern manufacturing complex in Zelenograd.All products will be promoted in strict accordance with GMP standards.

INVITRO, Medsi, CMD, KDL, Helix, LabQuest, K + 31, CM Clinic, Mother and Child, First Moscow State Medical University. IM Sechenov and many others.