Our mission is to develop and bring into practical medicine, science-based high-precision diagnostic methods, based on the study of exhaled air. We combine science and technology to maximize the credibility of our diagnostics, as well as making it easy and comfortable for the patients.


We strive to be the trusted partner of our patients, an active contributor in healthcare communities and a force for positive change. We aspire to be the international leader in breath diagnostics and to bring our methods all over the world; helping people improve their health.


At ISOCARB, we live by the following set of core values that guide our actions every day

Human health

This value is of extreme importance to us. We are committed to providing patients with the best methods of diagnostics, so that they can make well-weighted and informed decisions about their health.
Prompt accurate diagnosis is key for achieving successful treatment outcomes.

Scientific approach and evidence-based medicine

ISOCARB’s work is powered by evidence-based and scientifically credible data, provided through reputable international medical studies.
We also carry out our own research in coordination with renowned scientists and specialists around the globe to produce an even more deep and comprehensive approach for diagnostics methods development.


We have a relentless drive to stay current with the most cutting-edge innovations in modern diagnostics, so that we can integrate them in our work and create more value for our patients and partners.

Professional ethics

We stick to the highest standards of conduct, ethics and professionalism in all aspects related to our research and production processes.
We always make more than expected, as we treasure the value of trust and long-term relationships with patients and partners who rely on us.

Exchange of experience and knowledge with the professional community

We see collaboration with other professionals as the backbone of our field.
From conferences and seminars, we share our ideas and knowledge as well as get feedback from other industry players including doctors, experts, research organizations and medical companies.