Universal analytical device designed to analyze the composition of exhaled air for diagnostic purposes. Allows you to perform carbon isotopic composition breath tests and measure the content of hydrogen and methane in the exhaled air. The carbon isotope ratio and methane concentration are measured by absorption IR spectroscopy at wavelengths of 4.2 µm, 4.3 µm, and 3.4 µm. Hydrogen and oxygen concentrations are measured by electrochemical sensors.
The device will be produced in two modifications:

  • Tabletop: up to 30 measurements per day
  • Laboratory: up to 200 measurements per day

The technical characteristics of the gas analyzer are presented in the following table:

Sample volume of the analyzed air

100 - 200ml

Range of carbon dioxide concentrations in the sample

1.0 - 6.0%

Carbon isotope ratio measurement range

0 - 300 о/оо

Sample methane concentration range

0 - 200ppm

Sample hydrogen concentration range

0 - 200ppm

Sample oxygen concentration range

10 - 23%

Accuracy of determination of carbon isotope ratio

max 0.5о/оо

Methane concentration measurement accuracy (<20ppm)

1 ppm, max

Measurement accuracy of methane concentration (>20ppm)


Hydrogen concentration measurement accuracy (<20ppm)

1ppm, max

Hydrogen concentration measurement accuracy (>20ppm)


Measurement accuracy of oxygen concentration


Sample analysis time for one unit (carbon dioxide or methane)

less than 2 min

Time to enter the measurement mode after switching on


Calibration frequency

not more than 1 months

Number of sampling ports on the main device

4 (2) pcs

Number of sampling ports on the additional block

32 pcs